Link all the bpl files into exe

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Link all the bpl files into exe

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Using RAD Berlin Update 2

I have a program written in Firemonkey C++. Kind of big, fully tested, works fine. I compiled as a release, it works fine. To use the compiled program on another computer requires copying a dozen bpl files with the exe file.

I poked through the documentation about the linker, but cannot find a way to cause all those bpl files to link into the exe so the program is a single file. Is there a way to link all the bpl files into the exe file?
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Re: Link all the bpl files into exe

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Have you done the following?

Project->Options ->C++ Linker option on the left-hand side of the form and select it . On the right-hand side look for Link with Dynamic RTL and click on the selection button to change true to false (off). Then click on the Link with Delphi Runtime Library and click on selection button to change true to false (off).

Scroll down to Packages->Runtime Package on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side click on the button next to Link with runtime packages to turn it false (off).
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