Using OWL TDialogs in a VCL application

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Using OWL TDialogs in a VCL application

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I'm transferring a very old application (BC502/Owl) to C++Builder3, so I try to apply suggestions done by Kent Reisdorph (Article August 1998 : Using OWL TDialogs in a VCL application).
Explantions are really clear.
But unfortunately, it doesn't wotk.

Kent Reisdorph explained I have to prevent to use Owl C++Builder3 version and to redirect Includes I need to Owl BorlandC++502, with the view to avoid BI_NAMESPACE.
So, including paths are $(BCB)\Include;$(BCB)\Include\vlc;c:\borland\bc5\include

But, after including <owl\TDialog.h> (BC502's one), the compiler open new.h (C++Builder3's one) and stop on the error : "body as already be defined for function ..."

Could somenone help me to understand why C++Builder compiler open this file ; help me to solve my problem ?

Thanks a lot
Jérôme ... cation.htm • Wednesday, 16 June 2004, 8:24am GMT • 16.6k
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